Volunteer Positions at SURUDEV

Welcome. Thank you for the search to volunteer with the Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV)

We have multi-disciplinary volunteer positions at SURUDEV. Sustainable Run For Development (SURUDEV) Cameroon needs the services of volunteers from any country, with no barriers to age, sex or color, who can help in rural development in the continuation of existing projects towards the wellbeing of communities and environmental protection.


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  1. Volunteer for our Great Apes program

Volunteers are expected to monitor Chimp in the forest, develop Sustainable livelihoods for forest adjacent communities and create nurseries as well as plant trees with the communities in the forest. Major community engagement activities will include: agroforestry, market gardening, composting, and sensitization campaigns.

  1. 2.Volunteer for our Green Schools Program(GreS)

The volunteer is expected to identify schools and work with them in the following diciplines:

-Environmental education, tree planting, waste management, climate adaptation and organize the climate change championship

  1. Volunteer for our agro forestry program

Volunteers for this position are expected to work with several communities to enhance agricultural landscaping and soil health modification via planting of environmentally friendly trees via several agro forestry technologies and composting. The volunteer will also identify needs of the people as well as develop proposals for community projects.

  1. 4.Volunteer for our Sustainable bio-demonstration farms


Volunteers Will diagnose needs of unemployed youths, women and women groups and train them on our Sustainable bio-demonstration farms in Bongom Village in Nkambe sub Division. Main crops are: water melon, onions, garlic, onions and other common market gardening crops


  1. 5.Volunteer as a community advocate for climate change

Volunteers could be journalists or those who love community building and climate resilience.


  1. 6.Volunteer to teach our community how to sort and manage waste

Volunteers will develop programs for management of waste in the local communities of Cameroon