Volunteer Positions at SURUDEV

Welcome. Thank you for the search to volunteer with the Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV)

We have multi-disciplinary volunteer positions at SURUDEV. Sustainable Run For Development (SURUDEV) Cameroon needs the services of volunteers from any country, with no barriers to age, sex or color, who can help in rural development in the continuation of existing projects towards the wellbeing of communities and environmental protection.


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  1. Volunteer for our Great Apes program

Volunteers are expected to monitor Chimp in the forest, develop Sustainable livelihoods for forest adjacent communities and create nurseries as well as plant trees with the communities in the forest. Major community engagement activities will include: agroforestry, market gardening, composting, and sensitization campaigns.

  1. 2.Volunteer for our Green Schools Program(GreS)

The volunteer is expected to identify schools and work with them in the following diciplines:

-Environmental education, tree planting, waste management, climate adaptation and organize the climate change championship

  1. Volunteer for our agro forestry program

Volunteers for this position are expected to work with several communities to enhance agricultural landscaping and soil health modification via planting of environmentally friendly trees via several agro forestry technologies and composting. The volunteer will also identify needs of the people as well as develop proposals for community projects.

  1. 4.Volunteer for our Sustainable bio-demonstration farms


Volunteers Will diagnose needs of unemployed youths, women and women groups and train them on our Sustainable bio-demonstration farms in Bongom Village in Nkambe sub Division. Main crops are: water melon, onions, garlic, onions and other common market gardening crops


  1. 5.Volunteer as a community advocate for climate change

Volunteers could be journalists or those who love community building and climate resilience.


  1. 6.Volunteer to teach our community how to sort and manage waste

Volunteers will develop programs for management of waste in the local communities of Cameroon


Getting a Visa

Contact the Cameroonian embassy in your home country to obtain a visa. Either 3 month or 6 month visas are available, and usually you must provide proof of flights, travel insurance and an invitation letter (which SURUDEV Cameroon will email to you). Check if your country has a Cameroonian Embassy. For the US and UK, please check here: US Citizen: https://travelregistration.state.gov/ibrs/uiUK Citizens: https://www.locate.fco.gov.uk/locateportal

Visa Issue to People who do not have a Cameroon Embassy:

We advise all volunteers to get their visas before they leave their countries. It will not be good to leave your home country without a visa with the hope that you will have it in any Cameroon airports. You will most likely be denied entry. If you do not have a Cameroonian Embassy in your country, we will need your contacts at SURUDEV in Cameroon to prepare an application to the Director General for National Security in Yaoundé which will take about a month. They may decide to give you a visa or not. You will need to send in your scanned passport. Volunteers / interns should know that they will be responsible for the associated costs. The other alternative is that: volunteers from countries without a Cameroon Embassy could cross over their borders or mail your documents to a neighbor country that has Cameroon Embassy to apply for a visa.

Please also note that in order to enter the country; you will need proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination. We recommend that you see your travel doctor before travelling to Cameroon to get the necessary vaccinations and medications especially anti- malarias or prophylaxes.

Health Insurance

We recommend our volunteers to arrange Insurance themselves. A regional hospital and other effective hospitals exist around town, which will help if there is an emergency with a volunteer. We encourage volunteers to obtain their own travel insurance before they book a flight. Here are some websites where you can get more information: WHO and CDC. If you have any disability or illness, please contact us so that we can advise you on what to do before you come.

Other recommendations

Sustainable Run For Development (SURUDEV) is an organization that is evolving. Creativity is the watch word. We will greatly appreciate volunteers who will carry along whatever resources they can, such as books, computers, cameras etc. that will assist us in achieving our objectives. Also, due to lack of funding to initiate new projects or for the everyday running of the organization, volunteers are advised to fundraise before coming to Cameroon to help with their work.


Staying in a Rest House will cost of about $100 per month. The Rest House has 2 heated bedrooms, with a shared bathroom (toilet and shower). It also has one general parlor with a seating area and a kitchen for food preparation. You can prefer to live with the Coordination team of SURUDEV and the money will be used for your needs.


Most of our food is organic though inorganic is found in stores, If you cater for yourself, you can expect to spend between $75 to $100 a month which includes cooking for yourself as well as eating out a few times a week. Volunteers can also buy their food and cook together for those who need a cook or with somebody assigned by the organization. The drinking water in Bamenda is very good, and safe to drink. However, most volunteers prefer to filter or boil it before drinking. Bottled distilled water can be purchased at a cost of $1 for 1.5 liters.

Pick up at the Airport

SURUDEV can pick you up from Douala airport and take you to the project area. Traveling by bus from Douala to the project area will take about 8 hours. As you will appreciate, we have very limited funds, so we have to request that you pay for the pick up before you arrive in Cameroon. The total fee is $133, which includes the costs of transport by bus, taxi hire from the airport, hotel for one night, and food and water needed during the journey to Bamenda.

Communication Facilities

In the project area there is access to the Internet, and phones are also available to enable you to communicate with your friends and family. We encourage volunteers to bring an unlocked cellular phone from their country in which you can buy a sim card and use in Cameroon. There are many cyber cafes and international calling centers where you can skype or call home for under $.06 per minute.


It is possible to withdraw money using an international visa card in Bamenda through the various available banks including EcoBank, BICEC, SGBC, Bank Atlantic, and Oceanic Bank. Please don’t bring traveler’s cheques, as these are difficult to change here. Euros, dollars and pounds can be easily exchanged. If you are staying for a long time, it may also be possible for you to open an account at one of the banks in Bamenda town.


We work with the divisional officers and mayors who are the representatives of the government; volunteers will be introduced to the divisional officer and the gendarmeries (police officers) in the project area so as to ensure their safety for the duration of their stay. You can choose to stay with us if you wish.

Medical Provision

Should volunteers need to see a doctor during their stay, there are good medical centers around project area. You may also wish to bring basic medical supplies (first aid kit etc.) with you. Suggested things to bring: - Sturdy walking shoes – Sandals – Comfortable and loose clothing – Warm clothing for cool nights – Umbrella and raincoat – Mosquito repellent-Extra bed sheets and net.

Start up support for tree planting

$50 can help us plant indigenous trees in degraded land with you during your stay with us