Bio demomstration  farms in Bongom Village:

We cultivate water melon, red onions,

carrots, green beans, green spices, white beans, cucumba, okracand tomatoes. These products are very much needed in the communities of Domga mantung Division and in the North West as a whole. Cultivation is done organically as possible. We are training some 20 widows and youn teenage mothers to carry on with a similar activity. 5 youths will be engaged as we have launched our season cultivation. Do you want to visit our farms in Bongom Donga Mantung Division, call +237675957685 or Contact us. We are at about 21Km from Nkamne and 20Km from Ndu. Roads are seasonal and average.

Agriculture is mostly done subsistently on small plots.The major crops grown here are maize, beans, cocoyams, cassava, plantain, banana, coffee and cocoa. Market gardening is practiced here in some areas. Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) assists farmers in income generation by training farming groups in sustainable organic and home gardening. Training is done in situ on farms and follow up to ensure sustainability and passing on the gift to ensure that the whole community finally benefits from our projects. Crops cultivated include: Cabbages, leeks, tomatoes, pepper, green pepper, celery, palsy, onions and so on.