The communication and advocacy for climate change and environment project is aimed at mainstreaming and transformation of mindsets of communities in Cameroon to turn towards a more sustainable way of managing resources so that the abilities of the future generations are not put to test. This is done through our radio program with some four community radio stations in Cameroon dubbed "Your environment with SURUDEV" and our monthly newsletter "The ECOLOGIST". So far we have sensitized more than 1 million people through this program and hope to achieve a Cameroon fre from environmental problems by reaching over 18 million people.

Communication and Advocacy for the Environment


This is a media program which seeks to inform and educate the population on different environmental issues. Through our weekly radio program dubbed ’Your environment with SURUDEV’ and the production of a newsletter dubbed ‘The ecologist’, this program seeks to keep Cameroonians in the know of everything environment and help engage in conservation initiatives. It also advocates for policy amelioration to adequately find solutions to environmental problems.