Conservation education, field survey on bird species disappearance, Bamenda highlands North west Region of Cameroon

Cameroon is home to over 800 bird Species mostly found in the Bamenda highlands of Cameroon. Most of these birds are endemic in the Region. A lot of them are being threatened by habitat destruction and pressure from hunting as pets and meat. SURUDEV engages the communities in conserving and knowing their birds through poster displays, environmental education, ornithological trainings and support to users for alternative livelihoods like bee keeping and the keeping of quails and table birds. We equally carry out bird observation, monitoring, watching and reconnaissance surveys. The Bannerman’s Tauracco remains a great red feather bird of the Bamenda highlands whose diagnostic tail feather is used for the award of titles to sons of the various kingdoms who distinguish themselves in developmental matters. In spite of its red listed status on the IUCN red list, its endemism in the highlands gives us a push to sensitize the population about this bird.