Trees for the generation project

This project is aimed at planting very environmentally friendly trees with communities especially on sacre forests. The project aims at planting 1million trees before tghe end of 2018 in the Bamenda highlands. We are developing a project that will replace several millions of eucalyptus with Greveillea robuster which is mopre environmentally friendly.


The communication and advocacy for climate change and environment project is aimed at mainstreaming and transformation of mindsets of communities in Cameroon to turn towards a more sustainable way of managing resources so that the abilities of the future generations are not put to test. This is done through our radio program with some four community radio stations in Cameroon dubbed "Your environment with SURUDEV" and our monthly newsletter "The ECOLOGIST". So far we have sensitized more than 1 million people through this program and hope to achieve a Cameroon fre from environmental problems by reaching over 18 million people.

Communication and Advocacy for the Environment

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Sustainable water catchment protection (SuWaC)seeks to protect water catchment through creation and training of water catchment committees members, sensitization of communities on the need to protect water catchments, development of sustainable livelihoods for people adjacent to water catchments, selection and planting of appropriate trees Species around water catchments, creation of nurseries and follow up of planted catchments. One of the main ways through which we want to succeed in the deal is by involving the local councils in the fight. We have signed an MOU with the Nkambe and Fundong Council and working with them closely to protect some 7 water catchments. We are also encouraging eucalyptus farmers in the North West Region to switch to more environmentally friendly timber species like Greveillea robuster.

Green Schools Project (GreS)

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The Gren Schools Project aims at instilling in young people in Primary, Secondary and unviversity institutions the notion of envieonmentalism, THe project seks to complement extracuricilar activties of the various ministries of education in Cameroon. We progrma is designed to gice young people the capacity to demonstrate that they can adapt to the changing climate, poor agricultural consitions and also make use of opportunities avialable in the course of fighting climate change. Children are mainstreamed on how to fight climate change, mmanage waste, grow home gardens, plant trees, disseminate knowledge on climate change and how it can be reversed and how they can pick up careers in future


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Our SAP project aims at supporting rural poor farmers to boost soil health health, transform agricultural landscapes via the integration environmentally trees on their farms in form of alleys, windbreaks, live fences,contours and so on in a bid to boost crop production. We built their capacities in nursery creation, choice of tree seeds and seedlings, harvesting seeds and seeds pre-treatment,agro forestry techniques, farm managment and optimization, composting, book keeping, cooperatives, marketing of harvests etc. etc. Through this program, we have reached several farmers with over 200,000 trees planted. Benefits have been fuel wood, stakes for vines and beans, good harvests etc.etc. We hope to reach some 8 million farmers and about 2000 more farmers in 2016.

Our great Apes project (GAP)aims at conserving endemic endangered apes of Cameroon especially the critically endangered cross river Gorilla and the endangered Nigeria- Cameroon Chimpanzee. We are currently carrying out projects in the Kom-Wum forest, The Ako-Mbembe forest reserve and other forests of Cameroon. We take action through community mobilization, sensitization campaigns, enrichment planting and creation of giant tree nurseries, sustainable alternative livelihoods for the forest adjacent communities, creation of small village forest management committees (SVFMCs)etc. We hope to restore the habitats of these great apes for posterity.

Our SuFoG aims at promoting permaculture with the integration of environmentally friendly trees that can promote the introduction of fish ponds, bee hives, cattle and other sustainable sources of livelihood for communities. Through this program, we are working with 1000 farmers in the Bamenda highlands. So far, we have created some 8 fish ponds for two communities and introducing more other opportunities to the farmers besides fruiting and environmentally friendly trees.

RuLS is aimed at transforming the status of rural people. Rural poverty still remains a major challenge for many especially women and unemployed youths. Many are not educated but still lack knowledge about simple sustainable agriculture which can generate income and sustain them while curbing rural exodus which remains one of the highest espcailly in the Western highlands of Cameroon.Through our RuLS project, we are supporting some 1000 women on their farms and training them on our Sustainable Bio-demonstration farms in Bongom. We envisage some 1 million rural women, 1 million men and some 2million rural youths in Cameroon to transform them to Micro -agripreneurs