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SURUDEV (Sustainable Run for Development) seals deal with GFC (Green Future Consulting ) Douala

This memorandum of understanding (MOU) between SURUDEV and GFC was signed on the 16th of June 2016 in Douala. Kari Jackson trhe Executive Director of SURUDEV signed on behalf of SURUDEV while Gerald Mesambe signed on behalf of the Green future Consulting. The MOU came against a backdrop of the need for collaboration and integration of activities that are complementary in order for both parties to enhance environmentalism in Cameroon. Given that SURUDEV is a typical and emerging non-profit organization (NGO ) and GFC is a growing Social enterprise in Cameroon based in Douala, both parties are enlightened on the need for collaboration, exchange of expertise, project designs, fund raising, project realization, networking, conferences and workshops. This memorandum is a win-win partnership and  is valid for a period of two years renewable.

It should be recalled that GFC Company Limited(Green Future Consulting) was created in 2013 and its main areas of interest are : To provide business development and consultancy services to the public, to provide suitable skills to Cameroonians in areas relating to climate change, green economy, innovation and clean technology development, to promote entrepreneurship by combining aspects of business management, innovation and green economy and finally to carry out research and knowledge generation activities as outline in the various thematic areas.

Sustainable Run for Development SURUDEV is a Non Governmental Organization created in 2007 against persistent poverty and anthropomorphic environmental problems in Cameroon. Programs range from agriculture, conservation and clean energy.

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SURUDEV voted best Grassroot Development NGO of the year 2016 in Cameroon

The Sustainable Run for Development commonly known by its acronym SURUDEV which is a leading not-for-profit organization working in Cameroon since 2007 was awarded by the World Echoes Newspaper Group Inc. International recently for it outstanding and selfless contribution to the grass root communities in Cameroon.

The award was organised by the world echoes to give awards to honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to sustainable development.This years’ National Press Award which was the 8th edition, combined Excellence Performance to Promote the Abilities of Industrious Cameroonians at the same time Enhancing values that guarantees the social security\welfare and being of the Nation while promoting the private sector economy. According to officials of the World echoes, the 2016 Innovators\Sustainable Development Actors National Press Icons Award is meant for those duly Nominated\Elected by the accredited Committee for haven’t distinguished themselves in a Special way in their respective works of life throughout the year.

It is in this background that SURUDEV was awarded best grassrootsorganization in the domain of helping to protect and conserve wildlife, endangered species, nature protection, sustainable development and above all capacity building.

The award was given in a function organised by world echoes at the CamCULL hall in the city of Bamenda on July 09 2016. This event was attended by over 200 persons and many important personalities under his chairmanship of His ExcellencyNgafensonEmmanualBantar.While handing over the award the contribution of SURUDEV in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection including capacity building was highly appreciated.

Reacting to this award, this is what Tansi Godwill Tansi, Project coordinator for SURUDEV has to say "We are truly honored to accept the Award and proud to be recognized for our sustainable development initiatives to help our schools, farmers, rural poor, councils more fully to help them understand environmental problems and solutions while enjoying a poverty free live. He added: “I am also enthusiastic about SURUDEV’ success: "To be selected by the judges of this fantastic award as the Best grassroots and community based NGO of the year in Cameroon has left me speechless. I am so proud of every single staff, volunteer and our partners, as it’s testimony to their continued hard work and dedication to excellence that has got us to where we are today. This award is for all of our staff.” He concluded by saying that since results speak for themselves, they are going to do more to deserve more awards in the years to come especially at a time when SURUDEV is planning to spread it tentacles all round Cameroon.

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The upper part of the atmosphere is called the ozone layer. This layer which has high concentrations of ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation, preventing most of it from reaching the earth surface. This is important because ultraviolet radiation can lead to skin cancer. Near the end of the 20th Century, scientists discovered that ozone levels over the Antarctic were reduced. This discovery was unanticipated. Chemists knew that reactive chlorine atoms could destroy ozone. They also knew that chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons - CFCs - break down in ultraviolet light to release reactive chlorine atoms.

According to a study published on the research article dubbed “Emergence of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer” on the 15 Jul 2016, Scientists have observed clear signs that the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer is beginning to close. An international team, led by Professor Susan Solomon of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has recently confirmed the first signs of healing of the ozone layer. The research attributes this improvement to the 1987 Montreal Protocol. The 1987 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer -- called for the phase-out of substances including chlorofluorocarbons and halons, once present in refrigerators, aerosol cans and dry cleaning chemicals. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were once used widely in insulating foam and aerosol spray-cans. Once released, they gradually spread through the atmosphere, eventually reaching the ozone layer. Once there, they destroy ozone.


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The launching of Phase 11 of the “OPERATION ONE MILLION TREES TO SAVE WATER” took place on July, 18, 2016 in Baba 1 in the Nkogetunja Sub Division of the North West Region by the Cameroon Traditional Rulers against Climate Change(CAMTRACC). This event witnessed an awesome participation of over 15 traditional rulers, a number of civil society organizations and the Baba 1 population. Amongst these organizations was the Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV).

This event witnessed the planting of over 50 food trees ranging from Pear, kolanut, etc around the Baba 1 palace. Apart from the food trees over a hundred trees were left to be planted around the Baba 1 water catchment to ensure sustainability of water in the area. As it always said even in the bible that “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it”, the children were not left out during this event as CAMTRACC are out to build not just a sustainable future but a future where everybody will be aware of the importance of the environment and a world where the environment might not need protection. Thus, while planting these, the children were called upon to understand that they are supposed to take proper care of these trees as they are been planted for them.

Speaking during this ceremony, SURUDEV’s Project Coordinator Tansi Godwill Tansi expressed satisfaction to the timely gesture of the traditional rulers. He told participants the over 50 trees that SURUDEV donated to mark this event was what they could do at the moment since they were taken unaware. He promised the traditional rulers that during the next event SURUDEV is going to support with 1000 environmental friendly trees like Grevillearobusta, Prunusafricana,Calistermonmyrtaceaeamong others. During this launching, the President of CAMTRACC, His Royal Highness the Fon of Ngusang Express his satisfaction and appreciated the participation of MINEPDED, SURUDEV etc, This event ended with the animation by traditional dances and refreshment.

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13319996 1110770942317767 121042753886591713 nThe Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) has joined her environmental counterparts world over to commemorate the 2016 edition of the World Environment day under the theme ‘Zero Tolerance to Illegal Wildlife Trade with the slogan "Go Wild for Life.

Commemorated every June 5, World Environment Day in Cameroon was exceptionally carried forward to 6 June by a Ministerial order.

SURUDEV’s stand was very conspicuous from a distance with sensitization material including banners, posters, and conservation arts, all in a bid to raise awareness about different environmental issues in the region and how the populations can be actively involved in creating a green environment.

Celebrations in the North West Region began at 10:30 am with the arrival of stakeholders at the MINEPAT hall Up station. The arrival of the Governor of the Northwest region’s special Representative marked the beginning of the occasion proper which kicked off with a musical display on the environment and also a poem was displayed with a cry to save the environment. A speech was later on presented by the Governor’s representative in which he was crying foul about the rate of deforestation and the extinction of the Cameroon Nigerian chimpanzee and the Bannerman’s turacco species in the Bamenda Highlands forests.

This was followed by another speech by the Regional Delegate for the Environment, Protection of nature and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED), Mouma Henry. He called on the populations of the Northwest Region to protect the remaining biodiversity of the region for posterity, explaining these species remain the nation’s heritage.

Just after that was the power point presentation of wildlife conservation from CIMRAD coordinator who emphasized the need of MINFOF and LAGA to strengthen their legislation especially in the area of wildlife poaching.

The first 3 students who emerged victorious in the environmental quiz of primary school, secondary school and university were awarded prices by the Governor’s representative and Chief Fobussi of Nchomba.

A song was presented to grace the occasion by the Vanilla City titled lets save the world. Then the convoy consisting of the Governor’s representative, divisional delegates of MINEDEP and other stakeholders visited the stands. At the SURUDEV stand, Communications Consultant, Regina Fonjia Leke gave an expository explanation to the convoy. The representative of the Governor was poised by SURUDEV’s activities and asked several questions relating to the local NGO’s activities, which Ms. Leke responded to. SURUDEV’s posters, brochure, stickers and newsletter were handed to the convoy.

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Governor's Special Representative enquiring to know more about SURUDEV

Many people who stopped by SURUDEV stand were overwhelmed about their ongoing conservation projects and exchanged contacts for partnership. ‘I am blown away by the series of projects you carry out… from birds to chimpanzees, to environmental education, tree planting…and the list goes on’ an official from the Bamenda City Council noted. The SURUDEV team left being fulfilled by their mass sensitization carried out.

Just to note that World Environment Day aims to inspire more people than ever before to take action to prevent the growing strain on planet Earth’s natural systems from reaching the breaking point. The 2016 theme ‘Zero Tolerance to Illegal Wildlife Trade’, sought to discourage the booming illegal trade in wildlife products which has been is eroding Earth’s precious biodiversity, robbing us of our natural heritage and driving whole species to the brink of extinction.

Traditional dances and other cultural groups also graced the occasion with music and arts.

By Tansi Godwill Tansi