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SURUDEV Through COSMUF  Farms Trains over 25 Vulnerable Youths in  Organic Mushroom Cultivation

Sustainable Run for Development collaborates with ‘The Pollination Project’ to improve lives of young people in Bamenda through provision of training in mushroom farming as an alternative income generating activity.

This project is aimed at curbing the high rate of youth unemployment and its related ills in the city by providing life skills training to vulnerable youths in Mushroom production as a sustainable means of improving their income levels and boosting the nutrition of community members. These 25 selected vulnerable poor youths involved in deviant activities in the slumps of Bamenda metropolis will be trained and supported to begin a group farm to sustain their livelihoods.

The training designed to go on for a period of Four months involves two phases. The first phase includes workshop modules that seeks to educate beneficiaries in entrepreneurship, financial planning, self-management, basic business/project management and techniques in mushroom farming. The second phase of the project include an intense hands-on training in mushroom farming, which will take place in the SURUDEV-Community Sustainable Mushroom Farm (COSMUF) at mile four Bamenda.

According to the project principal coordinator, Bazil Tume, this project was developed with a lot of compassion and attachment to one of SURUDEV’s objectives, which is aimed at improving lives of young people especially girls across the country. He further explains that the project comes at a period when many young people in Bamenda need it the most. The project is expected to produce some 250Kg of Mushroom, which will generate over $700. This income will be re-invested in the project to create a larger farm for the beneficiaries such that the main capital will create a revolving fund for the project. We therefore envisage a steady increase in the number of beneficiaries beyond the funding period of the Pollination project, Tume continues.

The Executive director of SURUDEV, Kari Jackson also mentioned that the organization would stop at nothing to continue seeking measures and creating connects that seek to improve livelihoods of vulnerable youths in Cameroon.