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Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV)a local Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Bamenda Cameroon recently launched her activities for the year 2017. The launching which took place at her head office in Bamenda April 18th indicated its run for sustainable initiatives to the communities. The launching in Bamenda came after that of funding in 2016. SURUDEV for close to 9 years has executed many projects with much interest on fight against climate change, poverty reduction, conservation and other environmental issues. The organization has so many objectives which amongst others include promotion of agro-ecology to improve food, nutrition and income security for rural poor farmers and emphasis on women’s needs and gender inclusion in conservation management.

The success stories of SURUDEV despite challenges has caused the organization to declare 2017 a year of expansion as other areas of interest like health, hygiene and sanitation, gender equality and waste management have been incorporated.

The Executive Director of SURUDEV, Kari Bongda Jackson in an interview with the website reporter April 20th said he is quite satisfied with success stories in the field about his office. Harping on the mission of SURUDEV which is that of bringing sustainable initiatives to communities through local projects, the executive director boasted that the mission of his organization is being accomplished. The initiative which started in North West has been extended to the West region and South West Regions with on-going projects.

Stakeholders to the organization who attended the launching ceremony included amongst others MBOSCUDA, CIRMAD and NEST-CAM and a battery of press men and women of cameroon like the Guardian Post newspaper, the web site news paper, the chronicle newspaper, the Sun , The Independnet observer, Canal 2 International, HiTV amongst otherslunch1. Some business people supported the organization in the tree planting mission in many areas. It should be noted that apart from local partnerships, SURUDEV also works in partnership with New England BioLab Foundation-NEBF, The Pollination project, the Global Green Grants, the Arcus Foundation, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, the Sacramento Zoo, Trees for the future amongst others