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The Co-founder of Community Sustainable Mushroom Farm (COSMUF) says the business is lucrative and he is currently smiling out of it.

Cultivating plants for food and breeding animals for milk and meat has existed from time in memorial. However, the type and variety has often been a source of astonishment. A Bamenda-based mushroom farmer and founder of COSMUF, Kari Jackson Bongnda says mushroom cultivation is one of the agricultural ventures with least trouble “I can proudly say with certainty that it is lucrative and I am currently smiling out of it”. The 33-year old expert, an environmentalist by profession, attests calling on others to join him in cultivating mushroom which is now a delicacy; don’t take Kari for granted. The professional Masters of Science candidate in Biodiversity Conservation at the University of Bamenda owns COSMUF which produces over 40kg of fresh mushroom per month and over 2,000 mushroom Seeds monthly; a farm barely opened just a year back. Kari told Cameroon Tribune that since 2008, he had a dream of venturing into sustainable agriculture for his livelihood and that of others in his community. “Growing from a humble background where I spent the whole of my leisure time on the farm with my grandmother while others were either playing football or busy watching movies in video clubs around the village, I lived with a growing quest to make meaning out of agriculture”, Kari noted. We observed that Kari, alongside some 11youths trained by him, are already generating a lot of income from mushroom and they are comfortable with it.mush1