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SURUDEV’s 50,000 capacity tree nursery with Nkambe Council (Nkambe municipal Nursery Ptoject) sees light of day

The fruits of Cooperation between Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) and the Nkambe council are beginning to bear. After signing an MOU with this municipality, a year later, SURUDEV has begun the giant nursery project. The project comes again a backdrop of acute water problems associated with precarious planting of economically very potential but environmentally unfriendly eucalyptus trees. The nursery site situated near the new magnificent Nkambe council chambers has already been constructed and seed beds are receiving seeds. The nursery has the capacity of producing 50,000 seedlings of environmentally friendly trees which will be planted in some eight very threatened water catchments in the municipality. Main deserted water catchments include nsahkop, njeimoh, njeimah, binshua, Bih, mbarkam just to name but few.

Main tree species in the nursery will include Acsia, Leucaena, Prunus (pygeum), Maesopsis, Vitex, Glyricidia, Cordia, Nutonia and Grevillea

This project that has just entered its initiation phase will cost some 50 million francs CFA worth some $90,000 for four years. From the fifth year, the project will become sustainable as we shall embark on seed collection. The species Grevillea robusta will be used in replacing some over 10,000 eucalyptuses planted around water catchments while the rest of the species will be planted on 8 main water catchments.

SURUDEV still believes in the magic of the beginning and in this regard, initiating this project means it must be successfully says the Executive Director Kari Jackson. He added that apart from making use of the expertise (Staff and some board members) at SURUDEV’s discretion, SURUDEV will also use the technical savoir-faire of the ministry of environment, protection of nature and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED) as well as the technical section of the Nkambe Council. We shall also carry out sensitization camps with the beneficiary communities about choice of tree planting with regards to the usefulness of the species cognizant of the site chosen for planting; educate extensive Fulani grazers on the need to conserve these water catchments though our main target is water catchment conservation. We also believe in mindset transformation for the realization of any environmental project especially in the Bamenda highlands.