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SURUDEV enhances community Development and climate change mitigation through tree planting One must have certainly heard of programs that aim at promoting the tree population in our environment and forests. Many species are fast disappearing and in a bit to curb the increase in deforestation activities of man in his environment, SURUDEV engages in tree planting exercises in schools and around water catchments and supporting forest projects in communities in Cameroon. Many trees need to be planted to help reduce the increasing release of toxic gases in our environment due to our daily activities and the use of machines mostly in towns and cities. This rampant increase of gases is not met by a corresponding increase in the number of trees or other activities to contain them. Many of our settlements today were once forests and man in the course of settlement aggressively cut down and even burn many of the trees to have building space, get timber for commercialization, get wood for furniture, cook food, keep himself warm to name but few. The wind of deforestation in the recent past blows across the world and even protected species in many of our protected forests still suffer this terror by unscrupulous individuals who have engage in trade in both timber and non- timber products. In spite of all the efforts done by SURUDEV on the field the mindsets of some individuals is yet to be transformed for the better. SURUDEV however continues her campaign for afforestation, reforestation, conservation of endangered flora and fauna strategizing via community engagement and the educating the population on the choice of trees, purposes for which the trees are planted and the sites for tree planting. Trees planted by SURUDEV serve as source of food, medicine, shelter to man and animals, fodder, landscaping the environment, supply of water (help water catchments to remain fresh and not dry up or be exposed to the sun), and slow down wind from causing disasters. Tress also degas the atmosphere by reducing the concentrated amounts of carbon dioxide due to recent activities and industrialization that lead to the emission of these gases to the atmosphere that affect biodiversity especially man negatively when he inhales the carbon dioxide. It is against this backdrop that SURUDEV enjoins everyone to engage in tree planting exercise to protect water, ensure food security and others. The planting of more trees enhances healthy breathing in the process of respiration because man will send out carbon dioxide and take in the oxygen released by these trees. Therefore, we sustain life when many tress are planted and it is a direct-indirect way of engaging in the environment protection battle from many fronts