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ABHIJIT MOHANTY an Indian Volunteer expresses Satisfaction Volunteering with SURUDEV

Since I have embarked my career in the development sector, I have had a keen interest and quite enthusiastic to work for the development of the indigenous communities - especially the African countries. I have started my professional career in Odisha State of India and have been involved in implementation of a range of development projects such as promoting climate smart agriculture, eco-village development, and women empowerment, elementary and adult education for the sustainable development of the ethnic communities.

In the course of my professional assignments, I have gain a rich array of experience and expertise which I intend to share with the likeminded organisations working in the countries where the magnitude of poverty is alarming. And in doing so, I will also be able to learn many new models of development promoted by the local organisations. Thus with these noble objectives, I have joined Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV), Bamenda, Cameroon. I sincerely owe my gratitude to Kari Jackson (Executive Director) for providing me such a great opportunity to work with his esteemed Organisation. I am very much excited that my dream of working in an African country finally turned true. Now I am at The Republic of Cameroon popularly known as the “miniature of Africa” due its rich diversity. I am speechless, elated and jubilant.

I will do my best for the overall organisational growth of SURUDEV. Hence, in consultation with Mr. Jackson, Mr. Tansi, (Prog. Coordinator) and members of the Board of SURUDEV, I have planned to make a 10 years Strategic Planning which will help to select the thematic areas where SURUDEV can work, how it can expand its present activities/initiatives, what will be the fundraising and resource mobilisation strategy and most importantly how the visibility of SURUDEV will become more prominent.

SURUDEV firmly believes in “working the talk, not talking the work”. This has also attracted and inspired me a lot. Based on my previous experience, I am very much eager to replicate the innovative models of development like the Eco-village, climate smart agriculture, farmer field school, Grain-Cum-Seed Bank, etc in the operational areas of SURUDEV. And I cannot wait the day when these models will be promoted here. I am also anxious on how the local communities will accept these models and replicate it successfully. I believe in team work. Hard works always yield results. Yes, we can do it.....

Though my official association with SURUDEV is for the 2 years initially, but I strongly believe that my relationship with SURUDEV and the communities for which it works will be strengthened over the years. No matter in which part of the world I will be after that. The seed of cooperation and mutual bond between SURUDEV and I, India and Cameroon has already sown. Sealing the deal with SURUDEV. Jay Hind. Amen.    

Abhijit Mohanty