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A fast rising Businessman in Bamenda has made a donation of 50.000FCFA to the Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) to support the planting of some trees in the Bamenda Highlands. Godlove Ngu, 38 made this gesture recently at the SURUDEV Head Office in Bamenda during celebrations of SURUDEV’s award by The Guardian Post Newspaper.

In an interview with this Business guru whose enterprise is known as ‘Westboy’, Shade 429 of the Bamenda main market, he said his reasons for supporting SURUDEV are many. ‘First this NGO started as a joke, my friend has been talking to me about the importance of environmental sustainability but I didn’t take him serious until I started seeing the number of national and internal recognition he was being given. Plus I have witnessed how climate change affects us and I understand tree planting can help to mitigate the effects’. Mr. Ngu equally said as a business man, he things he takes a lot from the environment and it is but natural for him to give back.

On his part, the executive Director of SURUDEV, Kari Jackson thanked the donor for his kind gesture ‘I am elated and feel proud of him for supporting our project. It is a proof of changing mentalities through corporate social responsibility’. Mr. Kari said the money will be used to enrich the forests of Kom-Wum forest with some 50 chimp nesting trees species. He equally urged other entrepreneurs and businessmen to take up the challenge in giving back to the community.

By Regina Fonjia Leke