In the midst of the incessant terrorist attacks and insecurity crisis plaguing Cameroon especially in the Far North Region of Kerawa, Mora and Kolofata the Bamenda non-profit SURUDEV has joined the entire nation to combat terrorism by engaging Cameroonians in the Northwest region on the measures and techniques to identify and combat any terrorist-linked individuals or activities.

In the last months, SURUDEV has joined forces with the entire nation to sensitize the population of the North West region of Cameroon on the importance of fighting terrorism and maintaining peace.
In a series of campaigns in schools, churches, streets and during national and international events commemoration, SURUDEV sensitized people on how to identify a terrorist, what to do, and who to contact as a means of preventing any attack from the Islamist sect-Boko Haram.
In churches after sensitization, a peace tree is planted as way to remind Christians of these to live in peace at all times and to keep away from extremism, violence and corruption which are the major causes of conflict.

SURUDEV reached-out to both primary and secondary schools hinting students on some of the techniques terrorists have been using to deceive young girls especially to turn them into suicide bombers. Teachers were equally challenged to help monitor their school environment and report any suspected individuals or objects in their environment.
During the national counseling day in Bamenda, chief town of the Northwest region, which brought over 500 students from different schools around the Northwest region, SURUDEV equally used the occasion to mobilize students for peace.