In commemoration of the very first edition of the Global Cameroon African Day, the non-profit, Sustainable Run for Development better known by its acronym, SURUDEV has planted some 200 trees in the campus of the Government Technical High school(GTHS), Bambui, Northwest Region, Cameroon.

The event which saw the presence of over 300 students was equally an opportunity to sensitize young people on the importance of upholding good environmental practices. The choice of GTHS Bambui was because of the partnership SURUDEV had previously entered to carry out environmental education and the desire to plant trees on this campus that was still bear and void of green vegetation and shed trees for students of this institution. The students and the administration of this educational institution welcomed the celebration amidst a lot of excitement. Trees planted included Callistermon and pygeum.

Initiated by goodwill US Professor Liss Greenwell, the Global African Council day seeks to water the fields of humanity. It seeks to unite the world through a common goal of hunger, poverty and environment. SURUDEV was the first organizaton to commemorate these activities in Cameroon.
The Principal of GTHS Bambui readily welcomed the celebrations and readily showed the land which we prepared for planting. After this exercise the entire students’ body was rallied for environmental education .During this event, students were challenged to take their environment into their hands as a healthy environment entails a healthy life on earth and for generations to come. Different names of staff of SURUDEV and Liz Greenwell were assigned to t trees and these individuals were urged to follow up these trees to make sure they grow to maturity and serve the purpose for which they were planted.
The Global Cooperation Day code-named GCD-Cam is a day set aside to inspire a global civil society for development. It is based on the life of prof. Liz Greenwell, to support humanitarian mission of peace and love.