Who we are

Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) is a nonprofit, non-denominational, apolitical organization formed in 2007 and legally registered in 2010 with registration number 154/E.277/750/BAPP in conformity with law 90/053 of 19th December 1990 of the Republic of Cameroon. We are dedicated to transforming the poor environmental and agricultural landscapes to sustain livelihoods for the poor and underprivileged through community initiatives and active participation, while nurturing the traditional wisdom and facilitate progressive mindsets.


Our mission is to promote inclusive, equitable and sustainable development initiatives in Cameroon.


We envision sustainable development of communities where everyone is aware of the environmental issues plaguing them and aware of the solutions, have guaranteed opportunities of sustainable development that enables them exercise their 

rights to food, livelihood, education, health, peace, while enjoying a life free from economic hardship.

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To alleviate poverty and strengthen livelihood of the poor and underprivileged communities through promoting sustainable agriculture, climate smart crops, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship, thereby ensuring food security, food sovereignty, nutritional security and income security;

To address and reduce ecological degradation through, conservation of biodiversity, waste management, promotion of renewable energy and, enhancing local climate adaptation methods through mass awareness campaigns, advocacy and research and , plantations of forest species

To address gender issues and empower women socially, economically and politically.

To promote value based education and rights among children, youths, adults at family and community levels for universal development;

To increase awareness about health, sanitation and hygiene in general and STDs and HIV/AIDS in particular.

Success Stories

Created since 2007 and legalized in 2010, SURUDEV has achieved several milestones


SURUDEV has successfully trained and supported some 150 farmers on sustainable agriculture (Agro forestry, composting, market gardening, permaculture) in the Bamenda highlands;


SURUDEV has successfully planted over 200,000 trees with farmers in the \Bamenda highlands in more than 40 hectares of land to improve soil health and improve poor agricultural landscapes;


We have successfully supported some 200 forest users ( Hunters, farmers, grazers) on alternative Sustainable livelihoods;


SURUDEV has also Successfully created a three hectare Sustainable bio-demonstration farm where some 50 people have already been given hands-on training and support to cultivate garlic, onion, okra, water melon and pepper


We have successfully protected some 10 water catchments with local councils and communities in the North West region of Cameroon


We are at the verge of producing results in two forests of Ako-Mbembe, Kom-Wum forest for a successful conservation of the Nigeria- Cameroon Chimpanzee and the endemic endangered birds of the Bamenda highlands;


We have sensitized over one million people on local efficient means of climate change adaptation and resilience via our community radio program “Your environment with SURUDEV” and through the use of sensitization materials mainly posters, stickers and fliers.


SURUDEV had received several distinctions after successful execution and commitment to her programs

 2010 Lifetime award for excellence: Best Ngo proficient in the fight against climate change;

2015 The Eye Award for excellence: SRUDEV won best results-oriented NGO;

2015 Guardian awards for excellence: SURUDEV Best NGO in Cameroon;


2016 most committed grass root NGO in Cameroon by the world’s echoes

The Scoops newspaper: Best Ngo in the fight against climate change in the Bamenda    highlands

SURUDEV's major project areas are:



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1. Sustainable agriculture;

2. Promotion of food security and value chains;

3. Biodiversity conservation and other patrimonies;

4. Management of waste and development of clean energy;

5. Local climate change adaptation and resilience


SURUDEV carries out activities in the following major domains:

1. Climate change advocacy on the radio

2. A monthly Newsletter dubbed "the Ecologist"

3. Hikes in the forest

4. Sensitization campaigns in the communties

5. Open door days

6. Farmers' exchange visits for best practices

7. Public displays of our cropsharvested




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Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) is a non-profit, non-denominational, and apolitical organization that was created in 2007 against the backdrop of persistent environmental issues in the Bamenda highlands in particular and Cameroon in general. Our efforts initially focused on addressing climate change and its impacts on ecosystem, economies and communities of the rural Bamenda.

To restore and rejuvenate the degraded ecosystem, SURUDEV with the active support of local communities, students and volunteers started large scale plantations of (endemic and indigenous) forest species, especially in the highlands of Bamenda.

SURUDEV firmly believes that community participation in planning, implementation and monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring sustainability of development projects in the long run. Therefore, a series of awareness camps have been organised on the importance of forest protection and sustainable natural resource management at the village level. Prime focus has also been given to sensitization and empowerment of women as they play a key role in the management and control of natural resources. In addition to this, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) were established and capacitated with regular training, workshops and exposures to promote ownership of the program.

Within a span of just 9 years of it’s history, SURUDEV has achieved several tangible milestones in ensuring livelihood, food, and nutritional security through promoting sustainable agriculture, and introduction of climate smart crops among the rural farmer’s communities. The success are even more phenomenal when evaluated in terms of conserving biodiversity, protecting forest resources and endangered wildlife, promoting value and right based education among children, youths, adults at family and community levels for inclusive development.

Gradually, all these initiatives taken up by SURUDEV has caught attention at the local, regional and national levels and is well admired. Several national and international organisations have been stepping forward to provide the much needed support to SURUDEV to carry on its development mission. With the awards of USD 1500 from the ‘Intelligent use of water Awards (Rain Birds)’ based in the USA, it was supported to form farmer’s group in the highlands to plant trees with an aim to revitalise denuded landscapes for agriculture, check soil erosion and boost soil health. With partnership from ‘Trees For the Future’, USA, and the Country Representative in Cameroon, the plantation program was raised to a full agroforestry project resulting in plantation of around 50,000 trees annually.

Some of the tangible achievements of SURUDEV:

150 rural women were trained and supported for sustainable livelihood;

20,000 youths and students were trained and sensitised on importance of environmental conservation.More than 20,000 trees were planted with the help of these students;

40 water catchments areas were developed and protected

Two forest areas comprising 20,000 hectares has been conserved;

Provided alternative livelihood support to 200 forest users;

Two MoUs were signed with two councils to jointly protect water catchments areas to support rural farmlands;

4 hectares of Sustainable bio-demonstration farm has been developed in Bongom Village, Donga Mantung Division.

The initiatives of SURUDEV have been recognized and published by numerous reputed media like The Guardian Post, The Eden Newspaper, The Eye Newspaper, The Scoops, and many more.

SURUDEV have received several recognitions from the media. These include:

Guardian Post: Best NGO of the Year 2015.

The eye Newspaper: Best results oriented Organization of the year 2015.

The Lifetime Press Award as Best Organization proficient in the fight against Climate Change.

The Scoops Newspaper: Best Environmental Ngo of the year 2016

The World Echoes Press awards: Best Grass root Development Organization of the year 2016

We believe in the concept/principle that successful protection and conservation of the environment is not feasible without training the communities around the environments being protected. It is required to make these communities realize that the resources they protect and conserve belong to them and they own those.

We invite all concerned individuals and development institutions, agencies to extend support to the underprivileged communities for a just and equitable world, and save our planet from unsustainable consumption, and the looming hydra of climate change.